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From the first of January, Facebook would change her privacy policy. From that moment on, a lot of things would change. Everything we post on Facebook, now becomes property of Facebook. You allow Facebook to sell your posted materials for example for advertising purposes. It cannot, and it may not be possible that Facebook earns money with your information. As a protest against the privacy policy of Facebook and a warning to the users of Facebook, we created an exposition.

The Unknown Artists Exposed exposition was going to promote artists that aren’t well known. Nobody knew wich artists would be there. In only one week, we arranged an exposition space, promoted the expositon and on the last day, we had to fill in the exposition. What people didn’t know is that as soon as they made themselves present on our facebook event, we would hijack their profile picture to show it on our exposition. Our guests were the unknown artists. Under their pictures there was a note:

Owned by: facebook
Status: for sale

Over these pictures we painted an Asterisk. This asterisk symbolizes the little letters of the privacy policy. We also actually printed out this privacy policy to show the volume of the file. With our move we stepped in the shoes of Facebook. At the end of the evening a lot of visiters deleted their profile.


In the shoes of Facebook