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Automation at the Food Bank with a €0,- budget.

The Dutch National Food Bank was undergoing a vast growth. So vast that they were in great need of new volunteers. However, the Food Bank is quite unique in Holland. The company is fully managed and run by volunteers. All of whom do not receive any form of payment. That includes the upper management. It is all done out pure selflessness. The company is runing out of funds and donations from sponsors. They needed people from all kinds of disciplines. Varying from manual labour workers filling food boxes to IT-specialists and logistics officers.

We realised that the Dutch National Food Bank focuses on food and people first. Those two are the core values. The rest is secondary. Literally everything is based on the help of volunteers. Soon we realised an organisation like this cannot and should not function without their volunteers, it contradicts with their philosophy.

Therefore we decided to do the exact opposite of their philosophy. Announce that they started automating. Only the Food Bank does not have the budget for such an operation. That means:Automation at the Food Bank with a €0,- budget. The idea was to show the value of human volunteers and the catastrophic aftermath of cheap automation.